Friday, June 23, 2006

Chapter 5: Great Falls

"Sister, we need to bring you up to speed on gay culture. I was simply shocked when you disputed whether or not Andy Gibb killed himself over Victoria Principal. Myocarditis, my ass. First, he had perfect hair. Second, he killed himself over Victoria Principal. That's all you need to know."

Nina had suggested they go to Great Falls for the day. Nacho agreed to go, although he was not too sure what Great Falls meant; however, he was an accommodating friend. That was one of his charms.

Nacho lit up a cigarette as they got out of the car. "Now, Cher is a little more complicated. The hairstyles and the outfits alone. I'm going to have to make you an outline. Wait a minute, Nina." Nacho stopped and took a dramatic drag on his cigarette. "Is this hiking? Because I don't like hiking."

"Nacho, it's a 50 meter walk from the parking lot to the overlook. I don't think it can be classified as hiking. Can you make it?"

"Sure, darling. For you, I'll do it. Oh my god! What is that born again blow job giver doing here?!"

Nina looked where Nacho was looking. At the rail, there was a very pretty woman they both knew as a lesbian for the last 3 years. But there she was, gazing at the falls and holding hands with a man.

Her name was Jennifer, and they called her Lesbian Jen because they knew so many Jens that each one needed a qualifier. Now what were they going to do? Time for a cocktail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok, I know there's a lot of fag material out there, where's the next one? Is Nacho going to rehab soon or not????

June 30, 2006  

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